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I represent a company "LASERWAR" – the world leader in the production of laser tag equipment.

We are interested in to get You acquainted with the world of vivid impressions of the tag and began to develop the West with us. For this, we offer you to familiarize with assortment of products on our websites: laserwar.ru and cybertag.ru.

For 7 years doing everything to ensure that our products meet the constantly changing requirements of customers a variety of range (more than 100 models!) constantly updated with new products, and the cost always corresponds to the quality.

The use of innovative technologies in the production makes our products the best choice for the opening of the leisure club or purchase for personal use.

Constantly striving to improve the mechanisms used in the Assembly and shipment of orders, which allows to reduce terms of translating Your ideas to life.

The first step is very simple, it is enough to request the most convenient way:
- by phone: +7 (4812)377-000 or +79043691333
- Skype: order-laserwar.ru
- by mail: order@laserwar.ru
- Vkontakte: http://vk.com/lw_manager

Our products can be divided into 2 global segment: arena and unearthy laser tag.

Arena laser tag is our latest development - professional laser tag arena - Russia's first laser tag arena of domestic production. Broad functionality, high quality, short time – at a price three times lower counterparts!

Unearthy laser tag is a tactical game of new generation, proven not only in the market of leisure, but in professional military training.

The number of clubs (over 600) and in the countries of operation of our equipment (33) gives us confidence to state that we produce the best.

In addition to supplying high-quality laser tag equipment we provide timely and service, for this we have a hot line technical support and actively expanding the network of service centers where you can get professional help from the experts.

If You have any questions gladly ready to answer them:
+7 (4812)377-000 (EXT. 102) or email order@laserwar.ru

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You can ask any questions and I will answer them as quickly as possible

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Оur company is glad to present to you the certificates of the European Union, they may be needed when importing into the EU!


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